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Lol! I am a Computer Science graduate based in Sydney, Australia. I have a keen interest in software development - game technology in particular. Hence I have been working as a programer at video game company BigWorld Technology since January 2007.

Besides being an avid computer geek, I was also brought up in a musical environment. I learned to play the piano, flute, and oboe from a young age (attending the Sydney Conservatorium High School).

While not working I like to play computer games, read books, play various musical instruments, spend time on or waste time on the internet in general :).

Formal Education

I completed my Computer Science degree (with a major stream in mathematics) at the University of New England in 2007 (as an external student).

Programming Skills

See the projects page and code page for examples of my work.

Since discovering QuickBasic 4.0 when I was 7, I have learned how to use a number of languages and technologies on different platforms. My current main languages of choice are C++, C#, and Python.

Over the years I've developed a wide variety of utilities and applications for the desktop, servers, and the web.

Some of the things I've used:

  • Languages: C++, C, C#, Python, JavaScript, VB, Java, HLSL, MEL (Maya).
  • Technologies: DirectX (D3D in particular), OpenGL, Win32, Sockets, OpenAL, XML, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/AJAX, Maya plugin SDK.
  • Platforms: Windows, .NET, LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).

Besides being proficient with actual coding, I like to think about and design the overall application architecture/structure (how everything fits together). I am a stickler for neat, tidy and readable code.

I am experienced in using Microsoft Visual Studio, and source control such as Subversion.

Professional Work

Since Januray 2007 I have been working fulltime at BigWorld Technology as a programmer.

Previously, over the years, I have done various jobs relating to IT. These include:

  • Writing and maintaining the Shoreface Translation Model (STM) Demo, a teaching aid used at the University of Sydney's Department of Geosciences. It involved several rewrites in different languages as needs changed over the years.

  • Maintenance of an ArcGIS sediment simulation plugin, which required porting code from VB6 to C#.

  • Coding several web sites for Squared Studios which involved designing and writing a PHP/MySQL based content management system (CMS). Given a layout design, I also setup the HTML and CSS for each site.

    Some samples:
  • Other web sites include:

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